"They can't help you Desmond. You're a broken man. Your mind... it's... broken..."

"And if you can't find a sync nexus, then all those personalities will smash together."

My names is Desmond Miles.
e Ezio Auditore da Firenze.
نسر من مصياف و.
And I am a broken man.

[AU Assassin's Creed RP in which Desmond's head blows up and now three people are inside of it. I own nothing, and am not part of any roleplaying group. Come at me.]

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The Animus session that Desmond was climbing out of had been a rough one. Each day they went further back, at Shaun’s request, trying to see if they could reach the time of the First Civilization without Desmond’s brain frying further. The ancestors in his head were all abuzz with the outcome of the session, and even though Desmond sat up, rubbed his eyes, and begged for their silence they took no heed to it.

I am telling you, he only barely got by that - because he listened to me.

Silence yourself, Ezio, your idea of stealth is to strut along the street and-

You were both wanting of finesse. If I had taken control, we would have been finished sooner and more efficiently-

"All of you, shut up-" Desmond growled out loud, finally silencing his ancestors’ thoughts. "If any one of you thinks they could have done better, I openly fucking invite you to-" he was silenced, however, when the door to the hideout was slammed and a familiar bulky figure made its way into the Animus room.

"Dad-" Desmond gasped expression brightening up, though he stood up too quickly, desperately trying to ignore the buzzing dizziness that it caused in his head. "You’re back!"

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